November 26, 2020  

Considering recent events, online ordering has seen a massive surge, whether for take away, delivery, or ordering at the table.

This has created awareness of the benefits of retaining customer data for repeat business - for all restaurants that have been fortunate enough to stay open, this is where their efforts are, or should be focused. 

Another reason online ordering has seen such an increase in demand is the preference for contactless payment, either online or via phones.

The issue with many of the ordering apps which restaurants use is that they retain the data regarding the customer. This gives them the opportunity to market other food options to them, which might drive them away from your restaurant and recommend something else entirely. 

Your Database, Your Control!

There are other options which can provide your business with proper integration into your own website. What this means is that the app and software are gathering the data for you, which you then own. There are multiple options when it comes to ordering software, but the key is finding one which provides this option, allowing each order to be added to your marketing database. 

It Provides Marketing

Part of the terms and conditions for using these apps is that customers must agree to their data being used for promotions and offers. How you want to customise your marketing campaign is up to you, it can be either through email or text message, as you have access to both details. 

This means you can make PUSH notifications which will pop up on the customer’s smart phone, alerting them to offers. Having their mobile number makes it easy to send out texts with discount codes, enticing them to visit your restaurant; similarily you can do the same via email, or even create a newsletter which provides this, plus some fun tit bits about your business. 

Set and forget is a feature which automatically contacts a user/customer when they haven’t interacted with the app for an extended period. This prompts them to think of your restaurant, creating want and  need, as well as interest.

Boosts Efficiency

The data you receive from customer usage of the app provides the most collated indication of what is selling and what’s not. This means the app can be used to reorganise the menu if needed, or promote which products might need a bit of a push in the public eye

Loyalty Programs = Repeat Business

In previous posts, we’ve looked at the benefits of a loyalty program for your restaurant - these apps provide the same service and you can customise it to your liking. A points system could be awarded which enables customers to claim free items when they reach a certain number of points, or consider a built-in punch card option.

Young owner working in bakery

As you’re aware, online ordering isn’t going anywhere and its demand is likely to only increase. There’s no better time to jump on this bandwagon, so your business can gain that competitive edge.