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This May Seem Backward, But You Need To Focus On Customer Retention Before Acquisition  


If you can’t generate buzz for your events, what happens? No one shows up except your cousin and your Mum.

Aside from all the planning that goes into events, the hardest (and most expensive) part is promotion. When you first start out, it's a steep hill to climb unless you have an extensive contact list bursting from your phone.

WOWAPPS makes the marketing process easier, because you’ll have access to everyone from your past events. You can segment them according to their interests and give them incentives to connect you with their friends. The best part? You don’t have to pay a cent to contact them. You control your contact list with no one in between you and the people you need to reach.

All The Features To Make Your Life Easier

Keep the conversation going with attendees after events so you can easily persuade them to visit the next one.

Make your sponsors happy with detailed analytics for event attendance, brand engagement and contact lists.

Personalise the information your customers receive about an event according to their individual preferences - from notifications about selected presenters to reminders to visit their favorite vendors.

Host environmentally-friendly events by going paper-less.

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