As soon as diners were allowed to dine at restaurants again, the questions started coming in:

“When can we take deposits for bookings to reduce no-shows?”

This was no small task - plus, we were busy in other areas of the system -to ensure we continue to give you the most affordable 'All-In-One' system. However, the team at WOWAPPS loves a challenge and we're pleased this week to announce Booking Deposits are here.

We have built deposits to work, no matter what your booking set-up is running. (Max Pax, Tables, or in request mode).

  1. Simply turn on deposits in the Booking Widget set-up area.
  2. Set the amount per person.
  3. Leave a message as to why you're taking the deposit. 
  4. And the days and times the deposits are taking place..

...It is that easy!

Deposits are paid straight into your own Stripe Account and as usual... WOWAPPS does not take any further fees... Stripe of course have their own fees, however in the WOWAPPS platform, you can choose to charge those fees back to the customer (see image below)

Deposits have been on our radar for a while now and we were originally hesitant to add this feature. However, after receiving 206 requests in two weeks for deposits, we realised that our view needed to change. 

When a restaurant charges a deposit to book, it creates a contractual promise from the diner to turn up to the restaurant, eat, drink and be merry. Failing to show up is a breach of that promise and the restaurant can seek to recover its losses by keeping the deposit.

A booking without a deposit doesn’t create a contract. It’s seen as a courtesy between the restaurant and the diner.

The point is that we are listening to your feedback and we love helping you build a better business with our tools.

For a Wakthrough video of deposits, please click here

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