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June 22, 2023  

We are thrilled to introduce something monumental in the restaurant world - Delivery Unplugged.

So, what is Delivery Unplugged?

Delivery Unplugged gives you the freedom to offer delivery (commission-free) to your customers without being connected to ordering systems or requiring customers to navigate an online menu. 

It's a free add-on to our existing commission-free delivery solution, where you can offer delivery to your customers, commission-free, and without hiring extra staff.

Don't get us wrong, there's considerable benefit to offering an online ordering system and with our Google Integrations, you will make life super easy for your customers. If you don’t believe us, watch the video here.

But we also understand that there are many venues out there that:

  • Already have systems in place
  • Stick to the ‘Old School’ approach and prefer calls
  • Don’t have the bandwidth to learn another system
  • Need to maintain the human connection in their service

That's why we invented Delivery Unplugged. And the best part? You can activate it and start offering it... Tonight! 

How It Works - Delivery Unplugged

By now, you should have an idea of what Delivery Unplugged is. If not, you can schedule a call to speak to one of our plugged-in specialists (see what I did there) by clicking here. As rest of this announcement will focus on how you use Delivery Unplugged:

1 - Just like the picture below, you get a call for a take-away/delivery order because you've recently promoted your new service on your website, letter drops, socials etc.

2 - After the customer confirms their order, you open up your unique delivery link (on any device), enter the customer's delivery address and get a delivery estimate.

3 - You’re then given two options

  • Option 1 - Charge the credit card on file. This will charge your business card, giving you the freedom to charge the customers via your own methods. This is commonly used if the customer has ordered an amount that qualifies them for cheaper delivery, or if you’re using a POS that requires you to process payment through their system.
  • Option 2 - Charge the customer directly. Here, you would enter the total order value and delivery and proceed to ask for the customer's credit card details over the phone. This method is best used for restaurant owners not using a POS.

4 - Once the delivery is booked, you'll receive easy tracking links. These links will also be displayed in your WOWAPPS dashboard for future reference. The customer will also be emailed/texted all delivery information.

5 - Hang up and get ready for the next call. Expect many more, as your venue now offers delivery!

Delivery Unplugged is available right now. If you’re a current WOWAPPS customer, learn more about this feature by visiting the resources section in your WOWAPPS portal. 

If you’re not a WOWAPPS customer but are excited about this new feature, feel free to contact our team by clicking here.

ASAP Delivery

Before we finish up, let's discuss ASAP Delivery.

ASAP Delivery is designed to work with your business trends.

To explain this, let's take a step back. 

At present, when a customer places a delivery order, or you use our new ‘Delivery Unplugged’ feature, you have preset pickup/delivery times. However, more often than not, the kitchen might need to operate outside these times, having the food ready earlier than planned. This is where ‘ASAP’ delivery comes into play.

ASAP Delivery is an option available in your WOWAPPS portal, which lets you summon the delivery driver of a specific order to come as soon as the food is ready, overriding any preset delivery times.

This feature will be available to all WOWAPPS customers in early July.

We hope you're as thrilled about these exciting new updates as we were building them.

Get started with commission-free delivery, powered by WOWAPPS, today