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Building The Campfire (Team Culture)

Written By Foodie Coaches

Money, time, fun…

Aren’t those the top three things we want to get out of our venue?

And it seems like a tall order.

…But is it really?

With the right team culture in place, these outcomes become possible.

After all, it’s our team that can help the venue make more money, free up our time, and create fun, memorable experiences for our guests.

In the past, I’ve described team culture as a campfire. It warms everyone when done right, but it also takes planning and tending to keep the flame alive.

Today, I want to give you the four steps when it comes to building the campfire, so to speak, and getting it right (with the help of a little friendly competition you’ll create).

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Step One

First, you’ll want to call a team meeting. It’s your opportunity to get the staff’s buy-in by explaining the process.

Give your team a pep talk. Explain that it’s time for a relaunch. Discuss new guidelines, health and safety protocols, and any changes you want to make.

This is also where you introduce the idea of an upcoming internal competition.

Step Two 

Now, you have to let your team know why you’re holding a competition. Frame it as an important change-up for the venue.

Explain that people are out of practice with small talk.

Remind them that a smile can change their day.

But what’s the game?

The game revolves around a specific goal you’ll set - it could be increasing sales, average customer spend, dishing out specific compliments, upsell scripts, etc. And scoring is done on particular actions that your staff does in the venue.

Step Three

After you’ve explained everything, tell your staff that every week will bring with it a new goal and new ways to score points.

Step Four

Every competition needs a prize, right?

Let your team in on what they’re competing for even though they’re on the same team.

For people to be motivated, they need to know that winning would earn something extra.

A six-week competition created on this framework can have a significant impact on your team culture, staff, and venue.

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