These past few weeks have been busy for the WOWAPPS team, with lots of new upgrades to the system (some that you may have already noticed).

Here’s a short announcement on what we’ve been up to:

1. Favourite Orders

We have made it even easier for your customers to order. No more searching for the same item over and over. The WOW Ordering system will now remember every order that your customer places and will populate their most common ones and display them right in front of your customers’ eyes. Better yet, we don’t do this for just one order, the system will display the common three orders to make it quick and easy for your customers.

2. Member Profiling

Another feature we believe is quite exciting here at WOWAPPS is the new Member Profiling feature.

In simple terms, we will build your customers’ profiles over time and update them in your member section, in real-time. Our intention is not to add to your member list, but to show you who is interacting with you and give you some way to reach out to the customer, so they can become a full member.

The technical version? Member Profiling is in a nutshell, the process of identity appropriation, by constructing a composite profile of a customer, through the extrapolation of information collected and data mined from multiple sources.

It’s broken down into two parts:

Anyone who now installs your app, instantly and automatically becomes a member of your app.

This could be via your app or via the web through your Booking Widget or Online Ordering. Users start with a very basic profile, until they reach such a part of your app for example, Rewards, Bookings or Online Ordering where they are asked to fill out their account with more information. You will now start to see quite an influx of members in your member list, allowing you enormous insight into your member and app activity. You’ll also see some other exciting data such as the Customer Lifetime Value (discussed later in this post).

You can now reach out to anyone who has installed your app via push notifications.


No longer do you need to wait until users become members, as they automatically become members now when installing so guess what, you can now reach out to them individually via push notifications as a targetable member! Those who have made a booking or an online order will also appear in this list and their accounts will then merge once they install your app and or become a member in the app.

Imagine now targeting all your users who have signed up today with a personalised message thanking them for signing up with you and hoping to see them again soon. Making that relationship more powerful with you. You can also encourage those installers to become members by discussing other features you have on offer.

Included in Member Profiling, is CLV – (Customer Lifetime Value). At a glance, you will be able to see how much a customer is worth to you. For example, say someone orders from your webpage five times before becoming a member. As soon as that person becomes a member, their ordering history will transfer over and you will know from the start, how much that customer is worth to you. The same rules will apply for a booking (we will use an average spend) and soon, rewards.

Over the next month, we’re planning on working further on this feature, where you will be able to see a full order and booking history. Then you will be able to reach out and target those customers who have performed an action in the system.


TAP-ORDER-PAY allows you to browse a digital menu, order directly from your mobile phone or tablet, pay and install your very own mobile app all in one process. Improve venue operations, increase average spend per customer and retarget those customers after they have left, all in one system.


No additional software and no expensive hardware required!

There are countless benefits to TOP including but not limited to:

  • Skip the queue and reduce lines and wait times
  • Free up waitstaff
  • Improve labour efficiencies
  • Communicate with your guests once they leave
  • Better ordering experience for your customers
  • Reduce mistakes and wastage
  • POS integration
  • Capture last-minute diners and fill empty tables
  • Faster payments
  • No more split bills
  • Faster table turnover
  • Works on any device
  • Have your own mobile app installed in the process

Like all our features at WOWAPPS, the system is completely customisable, works on any device and is INCLUDED in your subscription.

Restaurants, cafes, hotels, food trucks… ANYONE can benefit from this system.

If wanting to know more about this new feature, or any of the other features listed above, be sure to reach out to any WOWAPPS email address. (We will make sure it will get to the right person).

That’s all that we have today. Be sure to keep an eye out for our next feature release, which will include booking widget and loyalty enhancements.