With the release of our Online/Table Ordering system just around the corner, we thought we would give you a personal up-close look at the new WOWAPPS Dashboard and Bump Bar update scheduled to be released on Wednesday 30th of May.

When this update is live, you will notice a new colourful layout in a new “tile” design (carried through to our new Bump Bar) with all the same functionality you loved from the old Dashboard plus some extra features…

New Look Dashboard

Action Menu When Clicking Items

From the dashboard and with a single click you can now assign new members to groups, accept/decline, wish members a happy birthday or even send that member a personal push notification via the Send Message feature.

Cancelling Previously Accepted Bookings / Mark As No Show

Along with marking users as no shows who do not turn up at your restaurant for their booking, you can now at a click of a button, cancel any accepted booking through this menu too.


Bump Bar Mode

The WOWAPPS Bump Bar is an extremely handy feature to help you (within a glance) see new orders/bookings, accept/decline orders/bookings and know which of these you’re actively working on.

Full tutorial’s of this Bump bar and how to use Online Ordering will be available soon in your resources tab. However, for now, you can find a quick overview of the Bump Bar features here…

Taking Action

Any critical items on your dashboard will appear in New and will require an action from you. To perform these actions simply click on the box.

Multiple Views

Easily switch between New and Active orders. This is a great function if your Barista and Cashier are two separate individuals, as we give you the option to have multiple windows open at the same time.

Emergency Colours/Three-Minute Rule

[Online Ordering] We hate waiting as much as you do, so why should we make your customers wait? By default, you have three minutes to accept or decline an order. We help let you know of an order by playing an annoying sound (trust me, it gets your attention) and changing the alert colours. Orders will come in green and progressively move to red (and shake) as you move closer to that three-minute mark. Once three-minutes have elapsed the order will expire and the customer will be made aware that they need to phone in their order.

We hope you enjoy the latest these exciting new updates.