It’s one thing to attract customers, but it’s another thing all together to keep them coming back time and time again.

As a restaurant, you need to ensure your business is where your customers are. If customers have gone mobile, then the mobile device is clearly the place to be… That’s why there is WOWAPPS.

Customer expectations have certainly evolved over time, but never as rapidly as they have in the past few years. We can thank (or blame) technology for most of these new expectations. The dizzying possibilities readily available at the speed of light in the palm of people’s hands makes nearly everyone expect more.

As a nation, our appetite for smartphones is insatiable. According to the most recent Deloitte Mobile Survey, 89% of Australians now own a smartphone, up from 88% in 2017 and 84% in 2016. With the imminent rollout of 5G and increasing demand for unlimited data, we are starting to see the emergence of new consumer behaviours.

When the Apple iPhone X launched, the AUD $1,579 starting position set a new bar for the smartphone market as a whole. Despite this, the iPhone X sold out in minutes and went on to out-sell every other iPhone in the December and March quarters, proving a clear appetite from consumers to pay as much for a smartphone as they would for a laptop. This points to the value of a smartphone in the eyes of today’s customer – it is fast becoming our main computing device and we’re willing to invest more and hold onto it for longer.

Increasingly customers want to access and engage with restaurants via mobile. WOWAPPS makes it easy with their commission free range of tech solutions purposely designed to benefit both customers and restaurants.

WOWAPPS prioritises diner convenience. Online booking widgets, online ordering and Table Tap.Order.Pay improves the customer experience in ways customers now expect.

But inspiring loyalty goes way beyond just convenience, customers now expect a personal experience. That’s why WOWAPPS provides you your own mobile app – helping you create an emotional bond between you and your customers.

On average loyal customers spend 60% more with you per visit and are 78% are more likely to tell their friends about you. With statistics like that, improving customer loyalty should be a strategic priority for all restaurants!

With your own app you can easily deliver more personalisation, more interaction, more incentives, more rewards… in fact, more of everything because you now have their uninterrupted attention.

WOWAPPS helps you to better understand your customers and makes it easier for them to get more of what they want from you.

With WOWAPPS, you too can enjoy more customers, spending more money, more often! – There are no nasty commissions or sneaky charges.

It’s incredibly easy to forget your exciting customers when your busy trying to reach new customers. You have to share their values otherwise those customers you worked so hard to get could vanish before you even know what happened.

Learn more about what WOWAPPS can do to make customer loyalty easy.