“When Do We Want Them?” NOW!!

The WOW dream would be to have a never-ending stream of customers.

You ideally want people constantly coming through your doors regularly, and leaving satisfied with their meal, products or services you’ve provided. They can’t wait to tell their friends all about you and jump online to give you 5-star online reviews.

The reality can sometimes be different, but we’re here to give you some ideas to help you turn your customers from ‘whatever’ to ‘WOW’, in a few easy steps.

Here are 7 ways to get more customers through the door

1. Get Witty And Artsy With Your Signs

Consider yourself lucky if your business is located somewhere with a heap of foot traffic. It provides the perfect opportunity to showcase your personality. Funny, sassy, and creative chalkboard signs in front of your store can work as a disrupter for passers-by. They capture people’s attention and become an open invitation for them to come in.

If funny isn’t your forte, try artwork, cute sayings, romantic quotes (especially during Valentine’s day) or use it to showcase your specials.

2. Hot Deal Or Sale? Let Everyone Know…

SALE SALE SALE…These red and white signs alone make people’s eyes wide with glee and utter excitement. If you have a sale on or you’re running deals and promotions, LET PEOPLE KNOW.

You can do this by putting up big SALE, SPECIAL OFFER or DISCOUNTS signs. They’re like magnets that pull people inside and give potential customers a reason to buy.

If you have a database you can access then send marketing emails and of course post on your social media channels.

For those of you with WOWAPPS, then use the Shout Outs (push notifications) about your latest offer.

Tip: Have a limited period for the promotion to create a sense of urgency. Flash sales can also work. For example, ‘20% off on ALL services/products today only!’ or “Happy Hour 241 between 4-5pm today”.

3. Yellow Pages are OUT and Online is IN

Make sure your business is listed with local online directories.

While some of us still receive printed copies of the Yellow Pages (useful for doorstops and computer monitor stands!), it is safe to say that most searches for products and services are conducted online. Get listed on online directories and let people from all over conveniently find you at the click of a button.

Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing Places are some of the most popular FREE online directories If there are local online directories, take advantage of those too. This will also boost your SEO and help you rank better on search engines such as Google.

4. Join The Social Media Bandwagon

Social media has changed and is still diversifying the business world. This year, it is estimated that there will be around 2.77 billion social media users around the globe. WOW worthy isn’t it?!

This number will only climb year on year, so NOW is the best time to create your own business pages on the platform most relevant to your target market.

Create smart content, share awesome images and make amazing videos that appeal to your market and showcase the products and services you offer. This is a way of giving your customers a taste of what they can get when they walk into your business or use your services.

Tip: Consistency is key…Post content regularly as this can build a sense of brand credibility and reliability.

5. Customer Contact Information Is A Gold Mine

Names, email addresses, a mobile number are GOLD for your business. Once you contact details for your customers, it becomes much easier to stay in touch with them so they don’t forget you.

There are two easy peasy ways to do this:

  1. The easy peasy-est of all is when customers make a purchase, ask them to join your membership club to receive exclusive member-only deals. Ask them to download your app if you have one and let them know it’s the simplest way that you keep in touch with customers.
  2. For those of you who don’t have an app, then you can ask for customers details using a hammer and chisel ready… Just kidding. An iPad or simple signup form near the counters where visitors can provide their info will suffice. In exchange, give them a discount code that they can use the next time.

6. Mobile Magic…Create An App

“Mobile use is growing faster than all of Google’s internal predictions.”
Eric Schmidt – Google

WOW – that is just wow-worthy. Nobody is able to predict how this will grow and change even further over the next few years.

Every year the number of consumers using their mobile devices to make transactions and purchases is increasing and will definitely continue to do so.

Your personalised WOWAPPS business app makes interacting with your customers easy and convenient. Customers can access all your product and service information, participate in loyalty programs, make bookings or even write reviews directly from their mobile phone. You can even notify them directly to their mobile when you’re running an exclusive deal, special or event! – anytime, anywhere. This is what mobile magic is about!

From your perspective, it allows you to have direct conversations with your customer base, without other digital noise (Facebook newsfeed, we’re looking at you)!

If you have an app, your customers unlock their phones, and there you are! It’s literally as easy as 1-2-3. It’s not only convenient for users, but it’s also easy for you to bring your business right into the palm of their hands, literally.

7. Good Old Word-Of-Mouth

Nothing beats a wow-worthy, word of mouth recommendation. To achieve this, you must master two things – CUSTOMER SERVICE and PRODUCT QUALITY.

Recommendations coming from trustworthy sources are worth a lot. I Ask your loyal customers for a review on Google and Facebook and be sure to share any standout reviews across your social media and on your website.

You can always remind them via your app after they’ve visited your establishment. It’s always a good idea to capture people within 24 hrs of making a transaction with you.

Many people read online reviews before they try a product or service. Those 5-star ratings and the ‘must-try’, ‘worth every cent’, reviews might just be the difference between going with your business over a competitor.

TIP: Always reply to customer reviews on Facebook, Google and other review platforms. Thank customers for positive reviews and apologise and aim to amend any negative reviews.


With these WOW-Worthy business tips, you’re ready to go out and make some noise.