Do you struggle to bring people to your restaurant?

I know the feeling.

In the restaurant industry, sales are continuous.

Among other factors; the economy, business competition, and season variations dictate how customers will visit your restaurant. However, for all restaurant owners, one always wants to sell more no matter how much you are selling.

To increase restaurant sales, owners have in the past believed that the route to increasing sales was to pay for advertisements. Whereas this has potentially worked to enhance restaurant publicity, it has proven costly and the return on investment can be hit and miss.

For instance, erecting a billboard might be too expensive, yet it may attract one or no potential customers while good relations with existing customers will enhance customer loyalty.

For increased restaurant sales, investing your money and time in such ideas that are current, personalized and effective as illustrated in the next section is worthwhile.

1.Online reservation services


The capability to book online allows restaurants to run promotions effectively while minimizing no shows and encourages high

conversions. Besides, you can have a database for your restaurant where your customer details are sourced from the reservation and booking history then archived for rewarding loyal customers through a future loyalty plan or personalized services.

2.Online customer ordering services

Customers have a variety of options to choose from when they want to dine. Therefore, to boost your restaurant sales, making it easier for clients to pick you out of competitors is necessary. Online ordering reduces the queues at your restaurant and the bulk of phone calls around the clock. This way, more orders will be completed by your staff in less time besides making your restaurant discoverable online. Customers will order just from their smartphones and laptops conveniently hence increasing sales volume for your restaurant.


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3.Secure your restaurant a Google My Business page

google my business

Registering your restaurant on Google My Business is a necessity. If you do not have one, it may be the best time for you to do so. This means that you have overwhelmingly added credibility to your online presence to provide prospective customers with your location, operational hours and location in just a click. Signing up to Google My Business is just a 10-minutes exercise but allows customers to find and order from your restaurant with ease.

4.Maximize on social media

To promote your restaurant and relay information about your brand beyond your premises, an incredible opportunity worth exploiting comes in the name of social media. This is free and if your restaurant has not been able to benefit from this platform, kindly do so. Social media allows your personal contact with clients through sharing your photos, responding to customer comments and benefiting from the available offers. This is a business community for your restaurant offering a personal touch whom millennials make the bulk of social media users and hence potential customers that increase your sales.

5.Loyalty programs

reward program for restaurants

As mentioned, in the introduction, it is easier and cheaper to retain existing customers than acquiring new ones.

To increase your sales…

  1. You first need to retain your existing customers – achieving this means installing a loyalty program. Research shows that when a loyal customer spends 19% more upon redeeming their reward, this increases their visiting frequency by 75% between their 1st and 10th Naturally, this increases visitors who accompany loyal customers hence increased restaurant sales volume.
  2. Turning diners into marketers – Word of mouth is a powerful weapon. Obviously, a customer who is not satisfied will spread to 10 others his or her grievances as opposed to when a satisfied customer will spread the good news to three individuals. This will help you lose many potential customers before you even know. Avoid this by all means. Provide an exceptional service consistently for all customers and this will see your restaurant sales boom!
  3. 24/7 operations with delivery services – Is your restaurant only meant to serve customers during specific times? Wrong! A restaurant set to operate only during lunchtime can maximize sales if it ventures into selling fast-moving breakfast items if foot traffic outside is noticed in the morning rush hours. Besides, a delivery service to customer homes can be a wise choice as it gives loyal customers the convenience of not leaving their homes.

Integrate some or all of these practices into your restaurant and you will have a happier, more loyal customer base and see sales thrive.


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