Annapurna Restaurant: Harnessing the Power of WOWAPPS to Streamline Operations and Boost Profits

In an increasingly digital world, WOWAPPS is helping businesses of all sizes keep up by revolutionising the way they take orders, deliveries, and bookings.


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Annapurna Restaurant was looking for a solution to boost their efficiency and online presence across their three venues. They encountered WOWAPPS, a platform designed to facilitate flexibility, independence, and success for hospitality venues. The result? An incredible improvement in Annapurna's operational efficiency, substantial savings and a significant uptick in customer satisfaction.

The Challenge: A Tangled Booking and Ordering System

Before partnering with WOWAPPS, Annapurna faced a number of challenges:

  • a complex and inefficient booking process
  • high commissions levied by delivery services
  • untapped potential for online ordering


Bookings in two months


Orders within two months


Saves in two weeks from not paying commissions

The Solution: Taking Control with WOWAPPS

In WOWAPPS, Annapurna found a partner that values flexibility, partnerships, and success. They utilised WOWAPPS' advanced yet user-friendly features to overhaul their booking system, introduce online ordering, and significantly cut down delivery commissions.

The Results: Streamlined Operations, Greater Savings, and Unmatched Customer Experience

With WOWAPPS, Annapurna has revolutionised their operations. By simplifying their booking and ordering processes and trimming down delivery commissions, they've not only boosted their bottom line but also significantly improved their customer service. Annapurna's forward-thinking approach doesn't stop there; they are already planning to leverage WOWAPPS' eGift Cards feature.

"WOWAPPS has been a game-changer for our restaurant business at Annapurna! Their platform helped us tackle the challenges we faced with bookings and online orders across our three venues. With their user-friendly features, we improved operational efficiency, saved on delivery commissions, and delighted our customers with seamless experiences. WOWAPPS is our go-to partner for success, and we can't wait to explore their eGift Cards feature next! Thank you, WowApps, for revolutionising our business and exceeding our expectations."

Celeste Manral, Annapurna

Annapurna's Success: A Testimony to WOWAPPS' Power

Annapurna's journey demonstrates how businesses can turn challenges into opportunities with the right partner. WOWAPPS has not only enabled Annapurna to transform their operations and save significantly, but it has also provided a platform for them to exceed customer expectations consistently.

Are you interested in seizing control of your operations, cutting costs and delivering an unforgettable experience to your customers, just like Annapurna Restaurant? Reach out to WOWAPPS. We don't believe in rigid contracts or commissions; instead, we partner with you for success. Let's redefine the hospitality experience together.

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