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Make Your Guests' Stay Even Easier...

This May Seem Backward, But You Need To Focus On Customer Retention Before Acquisition  


The accommodation industry has done an excellent job relating to optimising websites and integrating bookings with Facebook - but one area where it still falls short is in mobile applications, specifically apps.

Most travellers don’t just take one trip and never return again. Relying on a website for bookings isn’t going to keep you top-of-mind for them as an app does. When you make the process easy to complete on phones, in your own branded app, your customers will keep coming back because it’s so convenient. 

WOWAPPS will give you an app that lets you expand on what you’re already doing well, giving you direct contact with your past and present visitors.

All The Features To Make Your Life Easier

Expand room service to wherever your guests are at the moment—by the pool, in the lobby or even the parking lot. Orders skyrocket when they can be made so conveniently with just a few taps on a phone.

Eliminate lines at the bar or wait times for a server on the beach. Add QR codes to signs, deckchairs or any place customers may want a menu to order quickly.

Give your guests quick access to your loyalty program and allow them to collect points for activities that will help your business, such as posting reviews and inviting their friends.

Become the ultimate concierge by using your app to give tourism advice, such as where to shop, what to see and the best places to eat.

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